We still follow the recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency, and we might need to close the training down again with short notice.

We can only be 50 people in the training hall and that included parents, instructors, and people who have been on a pass before and who will go on a pass afterward. Therefore, make sure to leave after your class has finished and do not stay and talk.

Avoid people gathering in a small area before the training and if possible, come to the class already changed so you don’t need to use the changing rooms.

Help make sure that groups do not gather in the entrance and the like and wait to go on their pass,

If you fall ill, notify the responsible coach so necessary measures can be done.

Do not borrow equipment from each other

No loan of water bottles, tape, and the like. Make sure that water bottles etc. are well marked to avoid anyone making a mistake. Make sure not to spread your things in the room, keep them in your bag.

Those who are ill, even with mild symptoms, should stay at home until at least 48 hours have passed after you feel 100% healthy.

Change and shower at home if possible and leave the showers to those that need to use them.

Thoroughly clean the mats between each session.

Wash mops and the like after each time.

The open mat on Saturdays is closed for the public this year and is now only open to members of the academy as a regular 2 hours sparring session.

You are allowed, but we strongly discourage you to train at other academies, but if you feel it can be done in a 100% safe way feel free to do so.

Guests are not allowed in the academy if they are not accompanied by a host that has the approval of the board and the host will take full responsibility for the actions and status of the guest.

Welcome to the academy